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Intake 1984

the Brigade of Gurkhas


 Intake 1984 joined the Brigade of Gurkhas, a part of elite forces of British Army in January and February 1984 from Dharan and Pokhara respectively.  Having been through thousands of contenders for the placements, 498 were selected to do the hard fought training at Training Depot, Brigade of Gurkhas at Malaya Lines, Sek Kong, and Hong Kong.  After having been through rigorous 9 months of Basic Military Training we were selected to join our respected Regiments/Battalion apart from Clerk personnel who were again to attend 3 months Clerical Course to gain clerical knowledge before they could join the Regiment/Battalions.

As year passes by so does the season, we have also completed our colour services, serving the Brigade and the British Army apart from few Numbaries who are still serving and we should be proud of them as they have made us high in the annals of the Brigade of Gurkhas.

Now we are retired soldiers settled with their families here and abroad.  In order to make our memories down the lane and for the betterment of our Intake, Community has been formed to interact within ourselves.  The following personnel have taken the responsibility to continue the “Togetherness and Solidarity” of our Intake 1984:


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Area Representative

Mr       Yam                           Sherchan     (66422)           -           Aldershot

Mr       Nandasing               Magar           (66680)           -           Ashford/Folkestone

Mr       Dhanbahadur         Limbu           (66634)           -           Basingstoke

Mr       Kulbahadur             Dura             (66471)           -           Catterick

Mr       Pusparaj                   Malla            (66380)           -           Colchester

Mr       Gyanbahadur         Gurung         (66305)           -           Camberley

Mr       Yambahadur           Gurung         (66215)           -           Doncaster

Mr       Sadhuram                Gurung         (66337)          -           Farnborough

Mr       Tulbahadur             Tamang         (66350)          -           Hounslow

Mr       Yam                          Pun                 (66328)          -           Plumstead

Mr       Rudra                       Gurung          (66287)          -           Reading

Mr       Kailash                    Gurung          (66570)          -           Swindon

Mr       Khadga                    Rai                  (66235)          -           Winchester

Mr       Nabin                       Gurung          (66465)         -           Winchester

Mr       Bhimbahadur         Siris                (66222)         -           Wales

Mr       Khem Bahadur       Gurung          (66244)         -           Morden

Mr       Rudra                       Shrestha         (66516)         -           Wembley