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6606 ratna rai contribution handover
सम्पुर्ण नम्बरि साहेव ज्यु हरु, बहिनि हरु
इन्टेक १९८४
बिसय​ः सन्कलित भेटि हस्तान्तरण्;
हजुर हरु सम्पुर्ण मा जान्कारि गराउनु चाहान्छ्ु कि आज मिति १९।०७।२०२० आइतवार को दिन स्वोर्गिय उर्मिला राइ बहिनि (६६६०६ रत्न राइ ज्यु को श्रिमति) को लागि चलाइएको भेटि अभियान बात सन्कलित रकम £४६२५।-नम्बरि रत्न राइ ज्यु लाई नै हस्तान्तरण गर्न सफल भ​एका छ्ौ।

आदरणीय सम्पूर्ण Intake 1984 को नम्मरीहरु नमस्ते
बिशेस गरि हाम्रो नम्मरी 21166491 Bhakta Limbu को आर्थिक सहयोग संकलन अभियानमा हजुरहरुको अपार साथ र सच्चा आत्माबाट गर्नु भएको सहयोगले मलाई लग्छा हाम्रा नम्मरीहरुबाट केहीमात्र भएपनि Bhakta नम्मरीलाई केही आर्थिक सहयोग र होसला पक्कै पनि मिल्ने छ भनि आसा लिएको छु | हामीले 20 March सम्मको Deadline राखेको थियो र जसमा हामीले £4424.50 उठाउन सफल भएको थियो र यो पैसा आज हाम्रो Vice Predident Bhim Gurung र Treasurer Shreeman आले बाट हस्तारण गर्रिएको जानकारी सम्पूर्ण नम्मरीहरुलाई गराउन चाहन्छु र साथै यो अभियान यहि नै बन्द भएको घोसना गर्दै सम्पूर्ण नम्मरीहरुलाई हिर्दय देखी धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद दिन चाहन्छु Jai Intake 1984.

सम्पूर्ण नम्मरी साहेबहरु
Intake 1984
बिषाय : 21166491 Bhakta लिम्बुको बारे
पहिलो कुरा हिजो मात्र हाम्रो आत्मीय नम्मरी 21166491 Bhakta Limbu  ज्युको लामो समय देखी बिमार हुनु भएको खबर हाम्रो Vibre बाट नम्मरीहरुमा थाहा भयो|त्यसको लागि नम्मरी Bhim Limbu र  Rajen लाई
धेरै धेरै धन्यबाथ दिन चाहन्छु,
दोश्रो कुरा वहाको बारेमा 2015 देखि नै Parkingson's भन्ने रोग बाट ग्रस्थ हुनुहुदोरहेछ र वहा पहिलाको भन्दा अलि worse हुदै गरेको भन्ने खबर छ तर ओखती को dose Regularly लिएरहेको छ |नम्मरी Bhakta संग प्रत्यक्छा बोल्न असमर्थ भए किनकी वहाको बोली प्रस्ट बुजदैन रे |तर बहिनी संग फोन मार्फत वहाको बिषयमा धेरै कुराहरु भयो |

Dear Numberi Sahebharu
I have just received an acknowledgement letter from Mrs Sandhya Rai Subba beloved wife of our late numberi Ratan Subba. She received a sum of IC 442769.25. Actually we had remitted the money from Global IME Bank through State Bank of India.Unfortunately transaction has been failed for the first time,due to some technical difficulties.(Failure to provide IFSC Code by receiver) So we had to refund and re-remitted again and the result rate is lower than we had pledged before.

Donation Deadline for late Numberi Mr Ratan Subba

Dear All Numberies,

As you all know the donation for the our late Numberi Mr Ratan Subba is still going on.It's been nearly a month now so we decided on a closing Deadline. This will be on 20th September 2018. Therefore I would like to receive all donations before this date. Donation after the Date will not be accepted.

I would like to assure you that once all donations have been received it will be sent straight to Mrs Sandhya Rai Subba soon after.

Request Donation for Late Numbari

Mr Ratan Subba

Dear all Numberies,

As we all know that our Late beloved Numberi 21166229 Ratan Subba passed away on the 15th of August,2018 while serving in Brunei, leaving behind his family and all of us from the world. It was indeed a very sad news. Once again; May numbari’s departed soul rest in eternal peace! Our deepest condolences to the bereaved family at this difficult time.

On this regards therefore, I request all numberies to help by contributing some money directly into the account as provide below: Due to some technical problems with intake1984 bank account, my humble request to every one transfer to our Treasurer’s account.

ganga chhetri 2


Dear Numberi saheb haru good morning, please find the self explanatory letter attached regarding Ganga Chettri's donation. As you probably know the donation was raised by Dal numberi team, at Plumstead. The previous treasurer Mohan Gurung handed over to me £ 2159.00 raised for Ganga donation of which £37.00 was telephone call expenses made by Prem Tamang. The total amount £2122.00 × 144 = NPR 3,05568.00 was handed to Ganga on my recent visit to Nepal.

Donation for Ex QG Signals Ganga Chhetri 21166552

Namaskar, Intake 1984 numberies living around the world,

I am writing on behalf of our numberi Ex-QG Signals Ganga Chhetri. As you are aware Ganga Chhetri is facing the challenge of his mental disabilities for decades

Recently,many of us are concern about his welfare and treatment since he was thrown out by his family and living on street. You can imagine it yourself by looking at his picture below of how it is. It's a heart breaking.


NCR 158850.00 handed to numbari Kamal Gurung(6264) by numbari Ganga in his home Pokhara.

This picture was taken while our nambari Ganga was in Nepal visit last month. Special message from Nambari Kamal Gurung to all of us:"Please accept our sincere thank you to all numbaries and families for your generous help inthis difficult time and hope to see you soon.

Dear intake 1984 numberies saheb haru,

Although we are in a shocking moment, I would also like to draw your attention for a minute to share this debt problem of numberi 21166588 Chyanglung Rai, who has been struggling to pay his rents for about three months, and appeals for a help.

66652 Ganga Chhetri


Good morning to you all and hope you all are well with your lovely family wherever you are in the corner of the world.

I on behalf of the bereaved family and committee members would like to thank you all for your kind finance support towards the family of late beloved Numberi 21166515 Rajan Rai.

Dear Numbaries,

 As We All Know That BHETI Collection For Late Numbari 66283 Gopalman Gurung's Family Has Been Running Out Over A Month Now.The Time Is Crucial,We Have Decided To Clear This BHETI Collection In a week Time From Today The Dead Line Date Will Be 18.03.2015.
 Therefore We Would Like To Request You To Contribute Before The Dead Line.

Dear Numbaries/Bahinies

As we all know that our beloved numbari 66546 tej bahadur thulung rai 10 GR,passed away on 07.07.2015.Our heartfelt condolence goes to the bereaved family.
Now as per our numbary procedure ,we are going to collect the BHETI from each numbari and the rate of BHETI we are collecting is as follows.

Dear Intake 1984 numberies sahab haru Namaskar, 

I would like to inform you that an immediate relief fund  £500 was handed over to Bahini Bimala Thulung Rai, wife of Late numbery 21166546 Tej Bahadur Thulung Rai Ex 10 GR by the area representative (Feltham) numberi Tul Tamang  (66350) on 13 July 2015, on behalf of Intake 1984.

Thank you for you valid suggestion, as you preferred we have also showed the total amount of BHETI in the updated BHETI document. Also the cut off date for collecting this BHETI will be friday the 28th of August as the family of the victim is returning back from Nepal on the 1st of September. Once they arrive we are planning on handing over the collected BHETI on behalf of everyone.

Dear all Intake '84 numberi saheb haru,

 Hope this email finds you, bahinis and children in good health, and hopefully everyone has had a enjoyable festive month last month and returned back to the normal busy life again.

Birbgade of Gurkga Intake 1984 numberi sahebharu namaskar,

Numbery Til Thapa ( 66419 ) and Cumunity members have decided to give a week notice to those numberies who have not  yet contributed towards him.
The Friday 05 Feb 2016 is  the deadline (last day) to close the chapter, please contribute him before the deadline for those who have not got round to doing so.

Dear all Numbaris,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you !! numbaris, who wholeheartedly, contributed towards Til Thapa numbari's circumstances. As you know that we have already closed the case a week ago and now Til numbari requested me to disseminate this final contributors Name list. Please check your names and if any errors let numbari Til know directly. Thank you for your cooperation. Admin Intake1984

Dear all numberies,

 Hope this email finds you and your family in good health.

Please find below an email with attachments sent by numberi 66680 Nanda Sing Magar, QGE, who is seeking a financial support as he became jobless for about 4/5 months now due to a damage in Tendon of his right leg when playing football during a camping programme in September last year.

Sampurna Numberi Saheb haru ma Namaskar/happy holi,

Re Numberi NS Magar (6680) - Gata hapta NS Numberi ra mero telephone barta bhayeko thiyo, jasma khusi ko kura wahan ko swastha ma dherai sudhar bhaisakeko chha ra ahile feri full time kaam ma farki saknu bhayeko janakari garaundachhu. 

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