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Request help for 66588 Chyanglung Rai from all Numberis.

Dear intake 1984 numberies saheb haru,

Although we are in a shocking moment, I would also like to draw your attention for a minute to share this debt problem of numberi 21166588 Chyanglung Rai, who has been struggling to pay his rents for about three months, and appeals for a help.
Could I therefore request all numberies to read his sad statement below and help him as necessary.
Every little help will count at this time of hardship.
Thank you all in advance for your generosity.
Best regards
Dalprasad thapa (6246)
Intake 1984
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dearest presented 1984 intake.
Request for halp from all numbers.
 I am so bad situation in this moment because I don't have jub I did not pay my house rent last 3. month.  £3000  my landlord gave a notice to emty the his house. ASP. And I don't any mony to pay to him that's whey. I am requesting the halp from all numbers.  In the further I will pay back. So I need as soon as possible please halp me. Now oi am looking for jub every were and I went my council.  Now in this fue day's I am on the street so all numbers please Big halp.    
My Bank account number:      
HaliFax. C Rai
Sort coud. 11 07 96. 
AC: 10 07 45 66.
Chyanglung Rai.                                       
No (21166588)

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